The goal for this project is to integrate chatbot platforms like Dialogflow and RASA with Rocket.Chat.

These integrations are built to work with the Livechat module of Rocket.Chat. Livechat is a modern helpdesk application that helps connect a live-agent with a visitor so that the live-agent and answer visitor's queries.

With these new Integrations of Dialogflow and Rasa, Rocket.Chat will now allow site visitors to interact with a Bot instead of a live-agent. These Bots would be developed and maintained on Dialogflow and RASA.

This is a very common approach which most of the businesses use nowadays, where a visitor would first interact with a Bot. These bots can handle simple interactions like answering FAQ's for a business, to complex interactions like ordering an item. If these bots are not able to answer visitor questions, then the visitor would be transferred automatically to an online live-agent who can address their query.



Murtaza Patrawala


  • David Lassalle-1
  • Marcos Defendi
  • Renato Becker
  • Steve Stetak