Goal of this project is to improve and build upon existing Grafana intergration for Performance Co-Pilot.

  • Developing a reactive dashboard and using PCP metrics
  • Implementing support for PCP derived metrics in the Vector data source, as described in the PCP REST API documentation
  • Improving the metric search process by creating a new page for live, full-text search on PCP metric names, instances, instance domains and their descriptions, if any

Based on performance metrics from PCP and a predefined rule set, the reactive dashboard should display only relevant metrics to the user. For example, if the CPU utilization is high, it should show an overview of CPU statistics and processes contributing load. The user should then be able to drill down into more specific areas of interest - e.g. present graphs about lock contention. For each recognized performance issue a link should be presented to the user on how to resolve the issue. In this way the dashboards guide users toward possible root cause of performance problems.



Miroslav Folt├Żn


  • Jason Koch
  • Andreas Gerstmayr