Currently in Terasology, changing biomes only serve as a change in background of the game.This project aims to change this and give some of these biomes some features of their own. This will be made possible by incorporating an element of body temperature in the game. The body temperature comes into play in the climatically extreme biomes namely- Desert and Snow. The players will suffer some consequences should they choose to traverse these biomes without any preparation. To explore these biomes the player will have to look for ways to overcome these obstacles. However, these ways will not be present so readily. The players will have to look for these ways in other biomes. This will be made possible by some other enhancements in the form of additional items such as Wool Armor, Arabic Thawb, Water skins, Sand Slippers and an additional feature- hunting with traps. Players who are up to the challenge to explore the extreme biomes despite the obstacles would have something to look forward to. Certain surprise structures namely Oasis for the Desert and Igloos for the Snow will be incorporated which would also be beneficial to the players in avoiding the extreme conditions.




  • Niruandaleth
  • Arthur Casals
  • Skaldarnar