Sugar has a lot of activities, with 250+ on GitHub, and more elsewhere. These have scope for improvement; bugs, features, updated human translations, and release. There are many activities which have not been maintained or updated for over a decade. It is important to port such activities from python 2 to python 3 along with porting them to Gtk+3. The support for python 2 is being withdrawn and the port to Gtk +3 to have a fully functional activity is important. Inaddition to that, the activity might require porting

  • from GObject to GLib
  • from GConf to Gio.settings
  • from GStreamer Gst.Message.structure to get_structure()
  • and porting to TelepathyGLib

My project also includes adding feature improvements or fixing the features of the activity which are not working and fix display resolution issues. I will be collaborating with others to prepare activities for release and also test debian packages if needed. It is important to identify if the tracebacks are due to activity code, changes in versions of packages or due to difference in the test environment.

So this project aims at making necessary changes to sugar activities to have at least 25 release ready activities.



Jui Pradhan


  • James Cameron
  • Chihurumnaya Ibiam