pygeoapi is a python server implementation of OGC RESTful API standards. The current implementation of OGC Features API in pygeoapi supports only read operations. I propose to implement simple transactions (create, replace, update, delete) in pygeoapi OGC Features API in accordance with OGC API - Features - Part 4: Simple Transactions proposal. This involves the following:

  • Create a sample openapi specification doc in accordance with Simple Transactions Proposal
  • Generate the proposed openapi doc from pygeoapi config
  • Define REST endpoints for simple transactions (POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE) in Flask and Starlette
  • Update pygeoapi core API to handle feature transactions
  • Implement simple transactions in schemaless data providers - GeoJSON, CSV
  • Implement simple transactions in schemaful data providers - PostgreSQL, SQLite



Alex Mathew


  • Francesco Bartoli
  • Jorge de Jesus