This project is about integrating the resources available at the OpenWorm and DevoWorm group. This project will focus on improving the data science and machine learning infrastructure of the DevoWorm group. In this project, we need to integrate the different previous year GSoC projects under one roof. The priority this year is to improve the web interface to make it more and more user-friendly. We want to provide a general analysis and statistical tools so that researchers around the world can use these tools for their analysis. This includes the ability to incorporate new forms of analysis as well as algorithms for new types of data. The ability to extract quantitative data from the movie images is key to conducting comparative and time-series analysis. A dashboard will give researchers an edge to easily see their results and interpret them. This project will help the organization to compile its resources as well as to spread its cause i.e. - an attempt to build the first virtual organism.





  • Bradly Alicea
  • Vinay Varma Nadimpalli