In the project SIMPLE CMS I am going to develop and Android application that will act as User interface and backend, with the following features:

  1. Adapt Earth KML Liquid Galaxy drawing primitives and movement primitives, based on code from other already LG developed project such as new tools for the Liquid Galaxy, such as single points with metadata to be shown in balloons, lines and polygonal shapes, a place, change camera angles, and Orbit.
  2. Create simple storyboards, with the following functionalities, such as the user will be able to select a location from google maps on the tablet, inserting the lat and long, fill up the place with the aforementioned graphic primitives, the metadata to be shown on the place, add a timer in seconds to leave the camera there after arriving.
  3. Store the StoryBoard, locally and optionally on google drive. The file will be saved in a json file, making it Interchangeable with other users.
  4. Show the data received from this data sites, through an Api Connection or making a web scraping of Google Developers community and Tech Conference List. The user will be able to select different data available and show it up on the screen.



Diego Riveros


  • Marc Gonzalez
  • Andreu Ibanez
  • Moisés Martínez Muñoz