Agora Android Application runs smoothly and works fine with all the functionalities. This summer I am planning on enhancing the architecture of the codebase to increase the app performance and it will Also lead to loosely-coupled modules in the application. As given in the idealist, I am planning on moving codebase to Kotlin and Architecture to MVVM following single activity architecture alongside developing a local database using room persistence Library. Use Dependency Injection to decouple modules and redesign the App. Plus I will add the new features like vote casting and two-factor authentication. These things are going to be the minimum viable product for the GSoC period. In addition to this, I am planning on configuring the application and repository to get published and also I am going to add a search view in the election fragment and Writing unit test for all the business logic implemented.



Tushar Singh


  • Abanda Ludovic
  • Thuvarakan
  • Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo
  • Mukul Kumar