The bdverse is a family of R packages that allow users to conveniently employ R, for biodiversity data exploration, quality assessment (QA), data cleaning, and standardization.

The Idea of this project is to add to bdverse a package that will allow users to visualize biodiversity data using interactive and reactive shiny elements with drilling-down capabilities and execute further exploration analysis. This dashboard will allow users to visualize the temporal, taxonomic and spatial data using different interconnected plots.

Diagnostic visualization can unveil hidden patterns and anomalies in the data, and allow quick and efficient exploration of massive datasets. The development of an interactive and flexible dashboard, that can be easily deployed locally or remotely, is a highly valuable biodiversity informatics tool.

bddashboard is going to exemplify the value of diagnostic visualization for quickly unveiling patterns and anomalies in biodiversity big data. This coding project is aimed at creating the package, adding functionalities, testing, and releasing the bddashboard package on CRAN.


Rahul Chauhan


  • Thiloshon Nagarajah
  • Tomer Gueta
  • Vijay Barve