C++ as a programming language comes in handy in case of performance oriented applications for example: a simulator. But when it comes to rapidly prototyping of applications and ease of use of APIs, it lags behind other languages like python which is one of the most widely used languages just because of this reason and also due to the plethora of libraries that it provides. So, binding the C++ APIs and exposing them to the python interface can be helpful in extending the use of innermodel lib to beginner developers with minimal knowledge of programming. By exposing C++ APIs to python we are achieving two things at the same time: getting the performance from C++ and ease of use through python, which can also increase contributions from the dev community and later help in the development of innermodel lib or robocomp in general.



Akash Kumar Singh


  • Luis J. Manso
  • Esteban Martinena
  • Francisco Martín Rico
  • Ramon Cintas