Sugarizer School Portal (SSP) is a Kubernetes based portal which provides on-demand Sugarizer Server Deployments. The proposed features include:

  • A Sugarizer and Sugarizer Server Helm package (Sugarizer-Server Chart).
  • Automated cluster database backup and restore facility.
  • A Setup script to bring the Kubernetes stack up.
  • A web interface for the Kubernetes infrastructure called Sugarizer School Portal Server (SSP Server), that could deploy on-demand Sugarizer-Server instances.
    • Role-based authentication with optional email verification based signup.
    • Clients can request deployments from the web interface and admin to approve the deployment.
    • The web interface allows creating/managing Sugarizer Server instances on the cluster.
    • Automatically exposes the Sugarizer Server Instances onto a sub-domain to be used by the clients.
    • The infrastructure uses MongoDB Replicaset as the database inside the cluster.
    • Optionally dispatches Slack and Email notifications when the status of the deployment changes.
    • Allow account creation in Sugarizer Server deployment directly from SSP Server.
    • Displays SSP analytics on the dashboard.
    • A Helm package for the SSP Server (SSP Chart).
    • Deployment health checks.



Nikhil Mehra


  • Michaël Ohayon
  • Lionel Laské