The scope of this project is to improve the BookReader framework in two ways.:

  • The first one is implementing a series of comprehensive end to end tests for the framework. These tests will be made using JS-based test applications which will be chosen based on a written evaluation of the capabilities and functionalities.
  • The second part consists in improving BookReader in order to make the framework more easily implementable outside Currently BookReader is very book-centered, but it may find uses for other sources such as newspapers and magazines. The current number of easy-to-change parameters available in the BookReader demos and templates is quite small, and doesn’t allow great customization. This part of the project consists in improving and expanding the parameter system (included in the E2E testing). This allows for a more widespread use of the framework even for not-so-expert users and for other sources such as newspapers and magazines.



Giacomo Cignoni


  • Drini Cami