Augur is a software that collect data for a list of given repositories and provide a variety of CHAOSS metrics to provides open source health and sustainability metrics.Then users can empirically investigate and uncover useful insights for software engineering, such as understanding the collaborative pattern.

In the current stage, Augur is unable to mining the repositories to generate the co-editing information in the open source software development. This project idea is about to develop this kind of functions to enhance the Augur project. It will end up with a new data worker and analysis tool for fine-grained co-editing network which opens up a massive new source of high-resolution data on human collaboration patterns.

Then I would like to establish the Augur server to mining and monitor the open source ecosystem (with 10000+ repositories or more). The collaboration networks and social trace data of all contributors in the open source ecosystem will be evaluated in terms of social network analysis. It will play a vital role in achieving Augur's goal towards analysis of open source organizations health as well as the goal of the CHAOSS project towards diversity and inclusion.



Tianyi Zhou


  • Sean Goggins
  • Jonahz
  • Gabe Heim