The journey of a contributor in open source projects is exciting, especially when the contributors can map their abilities with the workflow of the vast open source projects like terasology.


In this project I am willing to work on an Interactive experience for the contributor which will take them through all the possible paths according to his/her interests for the contribution journey in the terasology project.

Currently, there are a lot of modules in terasology and the documentation is distributed in forms of wikis, tutorials,forums, etc. and It is a bit Intimidating for a newbie (as a contributor or gamer) to understand the file structures & workflow. So, I am targeting to remove this obstacle for new contributors by implementing an Interactive web experience as a Tutorial Journey with the help of vector graphics & implement a system where all the steps & documentations will integrate together to simplify the experience for the contributors as well as enthusiast gamers. It will be guiding the new contributor to reach the required resources in which they are interested. The end goal is to deploy a web app having a stepwise guide to follow for newbies.


Prathmesh Sahasrabhojane


  • Michael Pollind
  • Scott Moses Sunarto
  • Arthur Casals
  • Rasmus Praestholm