Brian is a spiking neural networks simulator, which provides desirable syntactic sugar and flexibility to allow a wide variety of models without compromising rapidity. With a plethora of different sets of governing equations, neuronal models with complex biophysical properties, synapses with plasticity and parameters, a mechanism to derive generalized platform-independent model description becomes inevitable. Further, the model description mechanism helps in easy access and reproduction of the models, and thereby exasperating reference to the platform-specific source code shall be avoided. Currently, Brian uses brian2tools.nmlexport package to elegantly export Brian models to NeuroML. However, it is confined and cannot be extended easily to various other generalized model descriptors. Therefore, the project proposes an idea to create a generalized basic framework, which can coherently describe Brian models in a standard format and shall be easily extended to various other formats. The proposed idea would substantially enhance the interfacing functionality of Brian models with other standard model descriptors and thereby helps various users and research communities.





  • Dan Goodman
  • Marcel Stimberg