I plan to address the idea "Develop a test framework for checking FreeType's rendering output". Frreetype needs to be able to compare images for correctness and continuity. I’ve implemented a similar system in the game engine ENIGMA (https://github.com/enigma-dev/enigma-dev) where we use continuous integration services such as travis-ci, appveyor and azure pipelines. We use these services, in tandem with a test running program and some scripts which I co-authored, to check for compile errors, to check for function correctness using google tests and to do A/B testing for merge requests on master. The testing suite I helped write runs all the aforementioned checks on master and then reports back to GitHub by posting a pull request comment with diff images for manual review if there are any discrepancies. I plan to implement a very similar system for freetype using my past experiences. It is also worth noting that I wrote the freetype code used in ENIGMA, so I already have some familiarity with freetype’s codebase, as well.



Greg Williamson


  • Werner Lemberg