ODK Collect is an open-source Android Application available on Google Play Store. It helps the users to collect data through survey forms and to manage the data by sending the forms to the server.

I will be focussing primarily on two aspects of the project.

First is to rewrite the tests of the widgets, focussing on making them less time consuming and potentially expanding the test coverage so that the core framework remains stable. I will be using the Roboelectric test framework for this purpose and replacing already implemented Espresso tests with the same.

Second is to rewrite the Collect’s widgets using the new “widget framework”, which will be followed by updating the UI of the widgets, following the style guide and Material Design guidelines (only after having proper discussion and approval of the mentors for the proposed UI changes). The UI of the widgets should be redefined in XML files, rather than in java classes.

Lastly, there are some opportunities in ODK Collect, where we can improve the UI of the app, and implement pre-built UI modules, to improve the user experience of the app.


Saumia Singhal


  • Jeff Beorse
  • Callum Stott