Security event auditing permits the selective and fine-grained configurable logging of security-relevant system events for the purpose of post-mortem analysis, intrusion detection, and run-time monitoring and is intended to meet the requirements of the Common Criteria(CC)/Common Access protection profile(CAPP) evaluation. The audit subsystem in FreeBSD, audit(4), can record a variety of system events like user-logins, file system activities, network activities, process creations, etc.

The auditd(8) on the server doesn’t generate any record trails for the NFS activities as the audit works mostly on the syscall level and the NFS server is implemented within the kernel.

To audit NFS activities within the network, it will require to run the auditd(8) on each NFS client. This arrangement works perfectly fine in case of secure networks. But In the case of an insecure network, running auditd(8) on each client is not an option. The audit(4) support to the NFS server is a missing feature for such networks. Thus, the aim of this project is to audit each NFS RPC. This would allow audit of all NFS activities within the network by just running auditd(8) on the server.



Shivank Garg


  • Alan Somers