Batriod - A Pocket Code Game

Batroid is a 2D side scrolling action/adventure game where the main character Batrix has to fight an evil species to free his planet. It is inspired by the video game series Metroid (from Nintendo), hence it includes all the fundamental concepts like unique power ups, the feeling of isolation, action, boss fights, proper save point rooms and the exploration of a big world. A Metroid clone on Pocket Code truly shines and shows the potential of the app. It attracts all kinds of audience also, so it is enjoyed by everyone. It will also include different puzzles which take the advantage of various phone sensors to give the best experience of handheld game to the player. Through my attempt with Batroid, I want to push the limits of the Pocket Code app and bring out the best result at the end.



Yash Punia


  • Ash Green
  • Jordan Smith
  • Wolfgang Slany