OpenTimelineIO is an interchange format and API for editorial cut information. OTIO includes opentime, a library for dealing with time. In order to deal with time intervals of clips/sequences it makes sense to have operators that help with temporal reasoning. Such operators have been given by James F. Allen. The core OTIO API is written in C++. A lot of other higher level languages are popular for tooling. Many such languages (such as Lua, Go, Ruby, etc) are not directly compatible with C++ but have ways to interact with a C-API. So it would help if we have a C wrapper for OTIO. Java is one of the most versatile languages, also powering one of the most pervasive platforms - Android. Mobile Computing is becoming more powerful and widespread by the day. Having Java bindings will help us get OTIO support to all the Java compatible platforms.


Karthik Iyer


  • Joshua Minor
  • Nick Porcino