PostgreSQL is a famous database management system, widely used by DBAs and with an open source license. There is a large community dedicated to developing and bug-fixing, intensely working through mailing lists.

The Performance Farm is an useful way to test Postgres' functionalities while adjustments are being made, to analyse the efficacy of every change on different operating systems. To further support the community effort, this project has been extended building a database and a website on top of it, to make results easier to browse and display.

To make this possible, a web application relying on Python has been built to interface server and client. The code provides a benchmark to collect test results, plus an API where they get stored and accessed from the website. The Performance Farm helps developers to understand the performance of different versions of the system, and users to check the functioning of their database, being helpful in terms of usability and accessibility of collected data.



Ilaria Battiston


  • Andreas Scherbaum
  • Stephen Frost