hydrus is a set of Python-based tools which makes it easy and efficient to make powerful REST-APIs serve data. At the moment, hydrus provides mainly CRUD operations over the data served by the REST-API. Users also would like to associate more functionality(dynamic) with the associated routes of the API other than simple CRUD. The main use case would be for cases where modification of data in the server results in some action that needs to happen. Besides that, hydrus supports a basic two-factor authentication using user-nonce and user credentials. The security feature could be greatly improved if we could have a straight-forward way to create an API gateway to the hydrus instances. Also, the hydrus codebase has to be refactored for better readability / maintainability of the code. The current database schema can also be improved which would make hydrus more efficient. The hydrus codebase also lacks a very extensive test suite which needs to be improved. Also, the projects under HydraEcosystem lack good / extensive documentation, which can be improved.



Samesh Lakhotia


  • Chris Andrew
  • xadahiya