Tenjint is a framework for VM Introspection developed in Python. The project aims at providing user with a Web API for the submission of samples to a Tenjint-based sandbox and the retrieval of reports. To provide Web API I will be mainly developing a Flask Application hosting REST API for user to query the samples in reference with OpenAPI-Specification. To manage the Virtual Machines required in the process Libvirt Virtualization API python bindings will be used. This would also require to manage API with API Gateway and writing tests for the APIs and updating documentations. In my proposal I have created a detailed timeline so as to achieve the project goals and evaluate the performance. I really liked the idea of VM Introspection for malware analysis and working on this project would provide me an opportunity to contribute to the community and learn under the guidance of expert mentors.



Aman Ahuja


  • Sebastian Vogl
  • pfohjo