The main idea is to improve the web app which is still scratchy and make it a more mature software with exhaustive tests and features that are more useful to developers- like a complete API. The app needs more checkpoints so that things do not break in the future. The overall experience for the users and port discovery needs to be improved greatly. Some existing features like “Port health” are not very useful in their current state and require improvement.

Another important aspect would be refactoring of the web app code. The code at many places is repetitive and difficult to understand. Any open-source codebase should be understandable and should attract maintainers while being optimal. This major code refactoring will also be backed by the documentation.

The webapp has some resource-hungry pages which redundantly utilise resources each time the page is requested. This problem has to be addressed by carefully caching the pages and their sections while making sure that the usability of the app does not get affected.

Brief breakdown:

  • Major code refactoring
  • Accelerating the site
  • New features: Advanced search, support for livecheck, new homepage
  • Implement the API
  • Exhaustive tests



Arjun Salyan


  • Amar Takhar
  • Mojca Miklavec
  • Rajdeep Bharati