Prombench is the automated E2E testing and benchmarking for Prometheus.

Prombench uses Kubernetes to benchmark Prometheus using various scalable configurations of fake web servers. Prombench uses Prometheus, Grafana and Loki for monitoring difference between versions.

Presently Google Kubernetes can only be used for prombench. This creates a scarcity of use of prombench. This problem can be resolved using following :-

  • Use of another cloud provider like (AWS)Amazon web services

Presently, Grafana Dashboard consist of many useful graphs and useful visualization but there is a scope of improvement. Various issues which aims to improve visualizations for grafana are as follows :-

  • Refactor the grafana dashboards to show a more consistent memory usage(#324)
  • Revisit all current dashboards to add new and remove unneeded to make them more useful for catching bugs(#186)
  • Node exported does not get filesystem size metrics from SSD path /mnt/disks/ssd0(#159)
  • Add explanations to all panels on the Prombench dashboard(#305)
  • Loki not showing previous test prometheus instance logs(#322)


Drumil Patel


  • Hrishikesh Barman