This project was focused on making Submitty mobile friendly and a progressive web-app with adding push notification feature but during the summer I worked equally on a number of other features which involved adding and updating the database, writing SQL queries, and adding corresponding migrations file. I also added unit tests using PHPUnit for different Models and used Selenium (with python) to write end-to-end tests.

During the summer I used the following tools and technologies for completing my project Figma, HTML, Twig, CSS, Bootstrap, JS, JQuery, Service-workers, PHP (Symfony), PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, Datagrip, Vagrant, Selenium, Python, PHPUnit, TravisCI

To sum things up, this was a great full-stack project and I enjoyed working on all the major parts of Submitty!



Mukul Kumar Jha


  • Eli Schiff
  • Matthew Peveler
  • shail_patel
  • Barbara Cutler
  • Evan Maicus