This project revolves around developing a mechanism allowing individual developers to reach out to Open-source organizations and pledge a research project directly within the donut platform from submitting a proposal within the donut platform all the way through to the completion of the project.

When a developer or a certain user wants to suggest/propose an idea to an open-source organization it mostly ends up being communicated through IRC messages or other informal ways. In most cases, their suggestions/proposals go unanswered or ignored among hundreds of messages in the IRC resulting in the original user getting frustrated.

The issue here is that there is no clear cut procedure/pathway that a user can follow in order to propose a project to the upper echelons of an organization

The project at its core focuses on eliminating that issue by providing the users with a built-in platform with which the users can create, edit, communicate, publish and share the proposals directly with the organization all within a single platform.


Asel Peiris


  • Devesh Verma
  • Vaibhav Aren
  • Jaskirat Singh