A GUI is very essential for TARDIS so as to allow researchers to easily investigate the important information about a simulated supernova model, without knowing its exact inner data structure. But the existing TARDIS GUI is outdated and is implemented in Qt which is no longer an ideal framework. These days, since most of the analysis work is done in Jupyter Notebooks, thus TARDIS GUI can also be brought to the notebooks by using Jupyter widgets and interactive plotting libraries.

Moreover, the existing GUI is limited in its functionality, providing only shell & line information. There is lot of other information that can be analyzed from a simulation model which will be made accessible under this project, by means of new widgets. Besides, this project also aims to make it easier for users to try out these widgets themselves. For this, several example notebooks will be embedded in docs, thereby showcasing the unprecedented possibilities with TARDIS!





  • Yssa Camacho-Neves
  • Mark Magee