Until now, the traditional ways to navigate across a web browser are by using a mouse or a keyboard. Browser navigation was not much extended as an application of other devices such as game controllers that can be made compatible with the browser through the use of APIs.

Gamepads are very popular devices, and a lot of work has been done to extend its usefulness to a wide range of people, such as the one-handed controllers, which are designed for people with limited mobility or amputees.

The idea behind the project is to develop a solution that makes it possible to navigate across the browser using a game controller. This project would establish game controllers as an alternative to a keyboard and a mouse, by providing the users with a means to use their game controllers to surf across the webpages and the web browser.

The project will be an external aid to the websites and web applications that do not themselves provide gamepad support.


Divyanshu Mahajan


  • Tony Atkins
  • Colin Clark