Combustion has enabled our technologies in electricity production, heating, transportation, and industry. Advancements in combustion technologies depend on computer simulation software; one such software is Cantera, an open-source chemical kinetics program. This project proposes the development of a new solver for Cantera to equip users with a tool to simulate and analyze 0-D steady-state combustion systems. These types of systems are idealized theoretical models that are used as good approximations of certain real combustion systems, or as building blocks towards more complex ones. The development of this solver will begin with mathematical modeling of the physical laws that define 0-D steady state combustion systems. It will require the application of numerical analysis techniques to quickly approximate accurate solutions. Then, it will be coded into the Cantera source code and thoroughly tested before release as a new feature in the next official version of Cantera.



Paul Blum


  • Bryan Weber