For the project idea "AI Recognizers of Frame Blends, Especially in Conversations About the Future," Wenyue developed multiple approaches that can nominate some kinds of Frame Blending cases, built a preliminary system of Frame Embedding, and made an interactive prototype of the human-in-the-loop Frame Blends Nomination System. Wenyue also created Google site entry for her project, which has been integrated into Red Hen Lab official website, to present the instructions and tutorial videos for contributors and users in the future. By reading research papers, developing algorithms, and interacting with mentors and peers, Wenyue also made great progress in academic familiarity and professional maturity through working with Red Hen Lab.



Wenyue Xi


  • Tiago Torrent
  • Mark Turner
  • Cristóbal Pagán Cánovas
  • Fred Belcavello