This project proposal is around the VKMS, a software-only model of a KMS driver part of the DRM subsystem. My primary goal is to improve VKMS using the IGT GPU tool to assist the development quality. In short, the work plan has two stages: (1) check the failing subtests in IGT test kms_cursor_test and code the necessary fixes to ensure that all tests pass (with a clean success); (2) add a new feature to VKMS for planes overlay and ensure the success of related IGT tests. Additionally, I aim to produce guidance material to describe the existing abstractions both in the cursor operations and CRC computing in the VKMS and in the construction of tests that also include knowledge of Cairo. I will also post on my blog the status update weekly with contents like experience reports, documentation, basic concepts, and operations description.



Melissa Wen


  • Siqueira