There are moves through which a DJ expresses himself - and there are many other, sometimes tedious tasks that need to be done as groundwork. Instead of having to juggle beatmatching, effects, cues and sliders all at once, a DJ should be able to rely on his tools so he can focus on what really matters. For some, beatmatching and syncing two tracks is an art in itself - for others, including me, it is something happily delegated to the software - that is why there is a sync function.

But sometimes, more sophisticated automation can be helpful - maybe you want to skip a breakdown, shuffle around verses, loop an intro a specific way or deliberately repeat certain parts. Handling that while messing with effects and getting the next track ready can be tricky, so that is where Mixxx Macros will come in handy. Basically, they will allow you to record specific moves while playing a track and store them, so that they can later be utilised again.





  • Jan Holthuis