The BeagleBone AI is equipped with a high amount of processing power due to the Dual Core ARM Cortex-A15 chip as a main computing unit and its accompanying co-processors. This makes the AI a perfect fit for highly demanding applications regarding CPU consumption, like media applications which have extremely strong realtime constraints. Professional audio/video studios have to guarantee for small latencies when transmitting media signals between different devices. Different media channels in a transmitted stream need to be carefully synchronized to guarantee for e.g. lip synchronicity. To use the AI in such a scenario, the AVB protocol stack should be implemented in the Beagleboard Linux Kernel, which allows for synchronization of media streams within a local area network. Furthermore the CTAG Face audio drivers should be ported from BeagleBoard-X15 and HDMI audio out capabilities should be deployed, to allow the in- and output of audio data.



Niklas Wantrupp


  • henrix
  • rma
  • Drew Fustini
  • Indumathi Duraipandian