Open Source Programs is a project which aims towards simplifying the management work of the mentors and organizations. The goal is to make reviewing and notifying simpler, systematic and manageable. This will help in easy processing and hosting of the Open Source Programs be it a 4-week or a 6-month long program. In this GSoC period, I plan to build a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) as the first version of the application.

  • Digitalize student progress tracking
  • Automated updating of Progress Sheets along with the feature of manual editing
  • Build MVP based prototype/wireframes with simplified and minimum navigation
  • Discussion Forum (real-time) for each project, where the selected student and mentors discuss the project, milestones, goals and so on.
  • Complete APIs with CRUD views.
  • Add Frontend to support APIs and WebSocket agent.
  • Add relevant documentation and tests for the same.



Bismita Guha


  • May
  • Monal Shadi
  • Abha Wadjikar
  • sidvenu