The Android platform is free software which includes the tools used for developing apps for Android. As Debian and its derivatives are a preferred platform for Android developers, the main goal is to provide all the android developers with the latest functionality available in the upstream enough to build apps.

The Debian Android Tools team is working towards the goal of having the entire Android toolchain and SDK in Debian. It provides the developer with the functionality to build an app with the help of easy-to-use packages. This project is a part of The Debian Android Tools teams which maintains almost 60 packages with conjugation to The Debian Java team.

The main objectives of the project are:

  1. Package kotlin and help to upload it to the Debian Archive.
  2. Package the latest Android Target Platform Framework and improve other sdk-tools.





  • Andrej Shadura
  • Hans-Christoph Steiner
  • cdesai