JAliEn introduces automatic containerization for jobs submitted to the WLCG. To fully utilize this feature, and to plan ahead for how new software will be deployed in the future, it is required to know what and how many Grid sites of WLCG support this feature. It is necessary to check the compatibility of each worker node in each Grid site of WLCG to identify the Grid sites that support containerization. In addition to that, it is important to collect the hardware and software information of the nodes in each Grid site to fully identify the facilities provided by each Grid site. At the moment, a job can be submitted manually to the Grid to retrieve system information of a node, but it is a very tedious and time-consuming task to keep submitting jobs manually until the jobs cover all the Grid sites in WLCG. Also, it is very complex to analyze the result of each job manually. As a solution, this project intends to create a new framework to automate collecting, filtering and storing of information of computing nodes across the WLCG.



Kalana Wijethunga


  • Costin Grigoras
  • Nikola Hardi
  • Maxim Storetvedt