The FLOE Project site is currently using static, hand-coded HTML, while the Fluid Project site is currently built using DocPad. Even though hand-coded websites provide greater flexibility and customization options, it becomes tougher to update each HTML page as the site grows and changes are made. Docpad hasn’t been maintained since 2014. There are currently no active maintainers and its servers were taken down in 2018. There are plenty of bug reports due to its incompatibility with the newer version of ‘things’. Therefore we need to migrate both FLOE project and fluid project websites to a modern and well maintained Static Site Generator (as most of the content is static in nature and dynamic functionalities are not required). In addition to migrating to a modern static site generator, we need a Content Management System (for example Netlify CMS) for automating the process of updating/adding new content and an Automation Server (for example Jenkins) which helps with continuous integration and facilitates technical aspects of continuous delivery to automate the build process.


Sachin Chopra


  • Colin Clark
  • Jonathan Hung
  • Gregor Moss