Mainly the project will be developed in Android and it will make use of of the Liquid Galaxy capacity to display information over an interactive map, displays data obtained from a Firebase database.

I will develop and Android Application: . Able to create different profile setups, users and administrators. . Able to display a location address through the Liquid Galaxy technology . Able to display on Liquid Galaxy tours, orbit over a POI so as the FlyTo function

  • With a forms based sections to enter or access to the personal data
  • With multi-idiom support
  • Able to collect data from third parties (APIs)
  • Integrated with the YouTube Android Player API
  • A Firebase database (running on Google Cloud)
  • Data visualization on the LG



Mihaela Claudia Diosan


  • Andreu Ibanez
  • MarĂ­a Luz Mosteiro
  • Mario Ezquerro Saenz
  • Alexandra Rivero