Starfish would be a cross platform client side application that would let you open a file in IDE of your choice (vscode, eclipse, intellij, emacs, vi, etc.) or start a debugger locally directly from the browser or file system.This will enable an option to “Open in IDE” through browser extension on various websites like github, gitlab, etc similar to one you see in this demo: [Notice the “Open in IDE” Option] . The application will register and handle custom URL schemes (i.e ide://clone-url?url=https://github …​ , ide://open-file?ide:// open-debugger? port =..& project=url, etc.) on users' machine and integrate various browser actions (whenever user triggers the registered custom URL “ide://..”) with user’s IDE(vscode, eclipse, intellij, emacs, vi, etc).



Fahad Israr


  • Max Rydahl Andersen