My contributions majorly include the most crucial things for the CLI ( webpack-cli ) like -

allowing multiple types of same arguments e.g --stats (means stats: true) and --stats verbose (means stats: verbose).

Now webpack 5 provides API for CLI arguments so we will be taking arguments from the core itself.

I Will add some negated boolean args like --no-hot, --no-stats and --no-colors.

Writing unit tests and integration tests.

Better Error handling when an invalid argument is passed.

Added alias for version command (webpack -v ) will be now supported.

Also, support --version for external packages like webpack init --version will show the version of @webpack-cli/init as well.

And many more general improvements.



Nitin Kumar


  • Rishabh Chawla
  • anshumanv
  • Dhruvdutt Jadhav
  • James