In this Google summer project, my goal is to make the Traveler interface more illustrative, interactive, and responsive by reducing visual lagging, adding new linked visualizations, and enhancing existing visualizations and interactivity. Older SVG views have been converted to HTML5 Canvas to make a responsive user interface with enhanced interactivity. A new chart containing a histogram of primitive duration has been created to filter out intervals of a specific duration. This supplements the user experience in discovery of intervals having too long or too short duration. Interpretability of the Gantt chart has been augmented by the addition of traceback lines (from a child interval to its parent) and color highlighting which eventually helps to track down dependent and relevant intervals. The hardware performance counter values have been made more explicit by representing aggregated (minimum, maximum, average) values. The Traveler interface is now equipped with more options for explorative performance analysis, better feature detection, easier artifact isolation, and faster debugging.



Sayef Azad Sakin


  • kisaacs