MapMint4ME (MM4ME) is an android application with the capability to record data on the field without internet connectivity. It gives users the facility to store any kind of alphanumeric data. Users are able to take photos, record their position, and view their current location on a map based on the configuration settings of their MapMint server. When the user returns back to a place with access to the internet, the recorded data can be uploaded back to the MapMint server. The aim of the project is to extend Augmented Reality (AR) support in the MapMint4ME application. The motivation for the project was to improve field data acquisition. AR Simulation module provides users capability to visualize 3D objects simulation in real world scenes. AR Area module allows users to export measured "AR measurements" into text format and which can be used for further analysis. MapMint4ME works without the internet too, so adding a GPS Satellite information module which gives detailed analysis about GPS Coordinates and GPS Satellite information improves the information gathering process and makes it more efficient.



Aditi Sawant


  • GĂ©rald Fenoy
  • Rajat Shinde