As part of our DIAL-funded project to integrate Mifos with the open source Mojaloop payments platform the team from DPC consulting built out a middleware component called the payment hub to enable the integration with the Mojaloop APIs. This middleware will also serve as the point of integration for all other external payment systems - the payment hub is extendable by additional payment connectors. This project would focus on adding the connector for the GSMA Mobile Money API. In 2016 GSMA published a first set of harmonized mobile money APIs to "ensure best practice in API design, security design, and more and to "address the complexity and fragmentation that is apparent in the fast-growing industry.

The GSMA Mobile Money APIs are OTT (Over the Top) APIs that have been designed to cater for a core set of mobile money use cases:

-Interoperability between mobile money and banks, or among mobile money providers

-Merchant payments, online and offline, including delegated authentication of transactions

-Bill payments and instant notification of payment

-Basic account management

-International transfers, including request for quotation

-Bulk transactions

-Cash in / Cash out



Subham Pramanik


  • Avik Ganguly
  • Manoj VM
  • Sanyam Goel