Carry out fuzzing of various layers and protocols of the Network stack of NetBSD using rumpkernel environment in order to improve the stability of the network stack and test for bugs. The final deliverables will be a set of tests to fuzz different layers and protocols of network stack within rumpkernel, along with a reproducible and extensible framework/interface for adding more tests in the future. The project will have a list of APIs/functions of different protocols like IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, Ethernet etc. for which fuzz tests would be written. For Example, functions like ip_input, ip_output, udp_input, udp_output, rip_input, rip_output etc. which are for input and output processing for different protocols(and layers).



Nisarg Joshi


  • Maciej Grochowski
  • Christos Zoulas
  • kamil