GrimoireLab is a powerful open-source platform that provides support for monitoring and in-depth analysis of software projects. It produces a rich set of dashboards, which can be easily inspected by decision-makers to help them understand the evolution and health of their projects. Despite the large set of dashboards available in GrimoireLab, comparing projects between each other is not straightforward since it requires navigating and drilling down the data in different dashboards.

Prosoul is a web application that empowers decision-makers with the means to create and manage their own quality models, which are useful means to evaluate and compare software projects. This project idea is about supporting the definition of Quality Models using GrimoireLab data and Prosoul.

The main aim of the project is to design an approach to shape the GrimoireLab data in a format that can easily be consumed by Prosoul and implement it on the data obtained from a few data sources like git, github and mailing list repositories to obtain simple quality models.





  • Valerio Cosentino
  • Polaris000
  • David Moreno-Lumbreras
  • Nishchith Shetty