Programming the PRU is a uphill task for a beginner, since it involves several steps, writing the firmware for the PRU, writing a loader program. This can be a easy task for a experienced developer, but it keeps many creative developers away. So, I propose to implement a REPL based control of the PRU, hiding all the low level things behind the REPL and providing a clean interface to uses PRU. This can be achieved by implementing a PRU firmware which only runs some specific user defined commands delivered by RPMSG, executes and then sends a appropriate response. This can be achieved by offloading major task like lexing, parsing to the linux core, and through RPMSG only certain set of commands will be run, the high level code will be converted to these set of commands, on the linux machine itself.



Vedant Paranjape


  • KumarAbhishek
  • Pratim Ugale
  • Andrew Henderson