This proposal consists of 3 sub tasks of kapitan which is elaborated below.

Task1 : Remote Inventory Federation

This work would add the ability to Kapitan to fetch parts of the Inventory from remote locations (https/git). This would allow users to combine different inventories from different sources and build modular infrastructure reusable across various repos.

Task2 : Support for Helm binding in OSX

This project can be subdivided into the following three tasks:

  • Complete the Helm binding pipeline so that continuous integration (travis) also builds binding for osx and releases them to GitHub release.
  • Packaging the binding to the pypi release.
  • Add a brew manifest for osx so that users there can install Kapitan in a simpler way.

Task3 (bonus): Modularize kapitan

This project would modularize kaitan into core dependencies and extra modules.

Documentation and tutorial

Along with all the other tasks, documentation of all new and existing features will be done and displayed to and walkthroughs will be made for the examples given in the documentation.



Arindaam Roy


  • Paul Sa
  • Ricardo Amaro
  • uberspot