The Arduino ecosystem has 2700+ libraries written in the ‘Arduino dialect’ of C++. For Micropython to become popular on Arduino it is required that:

  • A large number of these libraries be ported to MicroPython.
  • This porting must be efficient to do, to avoid time delays and uneccessary effort.

The project idea aims to make a source to source compiler (known as a Transpiler) which can: ‘Translate’ a given example program of a library (in Arduino) to MicroPython automatically.

  • Highlight any errors and parts of the code that it cannot translate effectively.
  • Be easy to maintain as support for more library code is added down the road.

Currently the project supports automatic transformation of many MicroPython statements, along with helpful messages of suggested libraries to import. It is a constant work in progress and will grow to support more automatic conversions in the future as Arduino's ecosystem matures.



Ashutosh Pandey


  • alranel