I will be creating two activities for Sugarizer (in Vue.js) requested by teachers from Sugarizer deployment in Saint-Ouen:


The Curriculum activity will be a way for a student to self-check his/her skills from a set of knowledge categories and provide multimedia element to demonstrate these skills. It will display a hierarchical set of skills grouped by categories and let the user explore the tree. On each skill the user can validate (i.e. acquire skill) and provide multimedia elements (pictures or sounds coming from Journal) to demonstrate the skill.


The Vote activity will provide an easy-to-build poll system. The user can create a poll (yes/no, choose value in a list, enter a value) then share it on the network so any user can vote in real time. After the end of voting period, a screen will sum up results of the vote showing various statistics.



Dhruv Misra


  • Michaël Ohayon
  • Lionel Laské